Why The IDGAF Lifestyle is Actually Bad For You

For people that suffer from a lot of insecurity, the IDGAF view may be a good thing. You stop worrying about what everyone thinks of you, suddenly feel comfortable doing the things you’ve always been afraid to do and start speaking your mind. Excellent! But is there a point where this goes too far? Yes, there is. We’re not talking about the people who on a whim say “IDGAF”—we’re talking about those of you who make this a lifestyle and literally don’t give a fuck about anything. That’s when you start to have a problem—and here’s why.

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This ‘Gilmore Girls’ Ice Cream Flavor Absolutely Meets Our Expectations

Since the world descended into total chaos this week, the best thing would probably be to hide in bed all day with junk food and a Gilmore Girls marathon. Honestly, nothing can heal hearts like Luke… or food. As if you weren’t already hyperventilating about Year in the Life, the GG goddesses are really blessing us this holiday season, because now you can eat your very own Gilmore Girls ice cream. Say what?! Yeah. We’ll all be snack queens just like Lorelai and Rory soon enough.

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