5 Signs You Really Are Afraid of Commitment

Surprise, surprise ladies! Men aren’t the only ones who fear commitment. You, too, may harbor an intense fear of getting involved in a serious relationship and not even realize it. However, there are definitely signs that you’re someone who’s chronically afraid of commitment. Does the thought of marriage have you running for the hills, screaming? Or saying the word “love” make you want to throw up in your mouth? Exactly. You probably wouldn’t even be reading this article if you weren’t a little bit curious to find out that maybe you really are afraid of commitment. Check out our five tell-tale signs below for some good old self-diagnosis.

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Why We Need to Stop Hating on the People Getting Engaged

By this point, we’ve pretty much all experienced that moment. The one where you wake up and lazily scroll through Facebook or Instagram, not really paying attention to anything unless it’s a picture of your crush or an article about the crazy thing Kim Kardashian did last night.

Suddenly you see it from out of nowhere. It comes at you like a freight train. The curse of the Facebook engagement announcement has struck.

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For the Women Wanting Husbands, Not Boyfriends

The most important thing you need to know? You are not alone. I believe most girls secretly share this mentality and want to be valued, cherished and loved in a way that only comes with finding the person you’re supposed to marry.

For many people in college, romance does not exist at all. I promise you are not the only one who lies in bed watching Netflix and eating ice cream while questioning why there isn’t a Tinder for men who actually want relationships.

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