I Tweeted at the Guys on ‘The Bachelorette’ Endlessly & Here’s What Happened

The question as old as time itself: How much do I need to tweet at the guys on The Bachelorette before they notice my existence and all of them fall madly in love with me?

If you’ve been keeping up with JoJo’s season, you’re bound to have a fat crush on at least one of them, but you’re probably sane enough to watch quietly from afar and, ahem, NOT Twitter spam them for an entire week. Fortunately, I live for your entertainment and decided to take up the burden of endlessly tweeting at the world’s most attractive eligible bachelors.

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This ‘Gilmore Girls’ Ice Cream Flavor Absolutely Meets Our Expectations

Since the world descended into total chaos this week, the best thing would probably be to hide in bed all day with junk food and a Gilmore Girls marathon. Honestly, nothing can heal hearts like Luke… or food. As if you weren’t already hyperventilating about Year in the Life, the GG goddesses are really blessing us this holiday season, because now you can eat your very own Gilmore Girls ice cream. Say what?! Yeah. We’ll all be snack queens just like Lorelai and Rory soon enough.

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15 Times Chad Went Way Too Far on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Don’t even pretend you weren’t a little bit excited as soon as Chad appeared on Bachelor in Paradise last night. Even though the protein-obsessed Chad Bear is kind of nuts and insanely aggressive, he was one of the most memorable (aka hated) guys on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette. So we were clapping our hands in glee waiting for Paradise to be the same—and Chad did NOT disappoint! Except, well…he actually took it way further than we expected. “I think I might like him,” they said. “I want to get to know him more,” they said. “Chad could be interesting,” they said. Nope. They were so wrong. Below are 15 times Chad took it way too far.

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9 Reasons Luke Should Be the Next Bachelor

The unthinkable has happened: Luke Pell has been eliminated from the competition for JoJo’s heart. Even though we spent a solid two hours ugly-crying about it and cursing The Bachelorette gods for the cruel end to our favorite Texas hunk, there is a light at the end of the tunnel––Luke would be PERFECT as the next Bachelor. Here are nine reasons why this needs to happen immediately.

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