17 Things Only Thirsty Girls Will Understand

The thirsty girl values romantic and sexual attention above all else, but there’s nothing wrong with that! It just means you know what you want, and you aren’t afraid to spend your time obsessively trying to get it. Whether it’s seeking a boyfriend or a hookup, here are 17 things that only the thirstiest of thirsty girls can relate to.

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Your Official Fuckboi Field Guide: How to Identify Them in the Wild

Oh, the infamous fuckboi. We wish we could tell you that they’re easy to spot; that they all wear the same Adidas sandals or share a similar hairstyle. Unfortunately for us, the fuckboi is a master of camouflage. It knows how to blend into its surroundings, tricking us into thinking that it’s just a regular “nice” guy, when it’s actually a venomous creature who, before we know it, will end up sleeping with the next girl that walks by. Never fear, collegiettes! We’ve compiled a list of red flags to help you spot them in their natural habitat before it’s too late.

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5 Signs of Emotional Abuse You Should Watch Out For

Maybe your partner doesn’t hit you, but he constantly compares your body to other women. Maybe he doesn’t push you around, but he tells you how stupid and worthless you are whenever he’s been drinking. Maybe he tells you you’re crazy. Maybe he doesn’t hurt you physically, but he might as well because you feel that the emotional scarring runs deeper than the physical ever could.

Writer and artist, Zahira Kelly, created the hashtag #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou to start an important conversation about the non-physical domestic violence that women experience every day. Across the internet, stories of verbal, emotional, financial and sexual abuse were outpoured by women in heterosexual relationships about the non-physical intimate partner violence that they experience regularly.

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5 Signs You Really Are Afraid of Commitment

Surprise, surprise ladies! Men aren’t the only ones who fear commitment. You, too, may harbor an intense fear of getting involved in a serious relationship and not even realize it. However, there are definitely signs that you’re someone who’s chronically afraid of commitment. Does the thought of marriage have you running for the hills, screaming? Or saying the word “love” make you want to throw up in your mouth? Exactly. You probably wouldn’t even be reading this article if you weren’t a little bit curious to find out that maybe you really are afraid of commitment. Check out our five tell-tale signs below for some good old self-diagnosis.

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The College Girl’s Unofficial Guide to Sexting

Sexting—the bow chicka wow wow of texting. The electronic hickey. The one time it’s appropriate to use an eggplant emoji.

For our millennial generation, sexting is pretty common what with our high definition iPhone cameras and the sheer existence of Tinder. By now, it falls into the standard order of operations of texting back and forth with some cutie only to end up sending a picture of your digital boobs through thin air.

In all seriousness, while sexting is a great way to practice a safe form of sex, there are a lot of things about it that aren’t safe at all. Since casual sexting is about as common as the casual hook-up, it means that you won’t always be sexting with someone who you know that well. You quickly give your physical privacy and security into the hands of someone else, and that being said, there are some definite dos and don’ts in order to sext the right way—and the safe way.

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These Are the Unspoken Pros and Cons of Being in an Interracial Relationship

Despite the persistent prejudice in the world, we can’t deny that as a country we’ve come pretty far in taking steps to end racial discrimination. Before all of you start yelling about how I’m wrong, just take a deep breath, have a calming sip of tea and acknowledge that nowadays, in our millennial generation, we are actively open and accepting to diversity in a way that our forefathers would have gagged at. The very fact that you would even argue against me about the extent of our progress is evidence enough that we are concerned with acknowledging the inherent humanity and rights of all people. It’s fantastic, and we should be proud of ourselves for that!

Disappointingly, prejudice has evolved along with our mindsets and has adapted to become subtle and internalized. What’s shocking to me is how sneaky racial discrimination is when it comes to encountering a couple in an interracial relationship. One second you’re looking at young lovers holding hands, and then suddenly the deep dark part of your brain whispers, “I wonder if their kids are going to be white or black?” BOOM! It’s out. Though you might never say one hateful word, your mind will endlessly wonder what their freaking babies will look like.

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7 Signs You Should Just Make the First Move Already, As Told by Moms

Having a crush in college is confusing. It’s not as straightforward as it was when we were little kids, where we could pass a love note stating we are madly in love with them, start dating and share our lunch and hold hands with our partner for a week. (Can we go back to that please?) A lot of us have no idea how to even make the first move anymore, but more significantly, we don’t know if we should at all. Where do we go when we need advice? How do we solve this dilemma of whether or not we should just ask out that hottie already?

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