15 Struggles Only Chronically Early People Will Understand

We collegiettes that are chronically early are a rare breed of human. We didn’t ask to be this way, and we definitely didn’t ask for all the struggle and awkward moments that come along with this habit. These 15 struggles are something we can all relate to.

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Your Official Fuckboi Field Guide: How to Identify Them in the Wild

Oh, the infamous fuckboi. We wish we could tell you that they’re easy to spot; that they all wear the same Adidas sandals or share a similar hairstyle. Unfortunately for us, the fuckboi is a master of camouflage. It knows how to blend into its surroundings, tricking us into thinking that it’s just a regular “nice” guy, when it’s actually a venomous creature who, before we know it, will end up sleeping with the next girl that walks by. Never fear, collegiettes! We’ve compiled a list of red flags to help you spot them in their natural habitat before it’s too late.

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Why The IDGAF Lifestyle is Actually Bad For You

For people that suffer from a lot of insecurity, the IDGAF view may be a good thing. You stop worrying about what everyone thinks of you, suddenly feel comfortable doing the things you’ve always been afraid to do and start speaking your mind. Excellent! But is there a point where this goes too far? Yes, there is. We’re not talking about the people who on a whim say “IDGAF”—we’re talking about those of you who make this a lifestyle and literally don’t give a fuck about anything. That’s when you start to have a problem—and here’s why.

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5 Signs of Emotional Abuse You Should Watch Out For

Maybe your partner doesn’t hit you, but he constantly compares your body to other women. Maybe he doesn’t push you around, but he tells you how stupid and worthless you are whenever he’s been drinking. Maybe he tells you you’re crazy. Maybe he doesn’t hurt you physically, but he might as well because you feel that the emotional scarring runs deeper than the physical ever could.

Writer and artist, Zahira Kelly, created the hashtag #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou to start an important conversation about the non-physical domestic violence that women experience every day. Across the internet, stories of verbal, emotional, financial and sexual abuse were outpoured by women in heterosexual relationships about the non-physical intimate partner violence that they experience regularly.

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25 Signs You’re the One in Your Friend Group Who Has Zero Chill

Having zero chill means that you’re that friend who is never acting rationally. You’re the really intense person in your friend group who everyone loves, but your friends are weary of your multifaceted personality, sudden outbursts and really serious take on life. Excitement and anger pretty much look like the same thing. Sound like you? Here are the 25 signs you’re the one friend who has zero chill

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21 Things All Girls Will Remember About Limited Too

For us 90’s girls, a trip to the mall meant that you absolutely had to stop in Limited Too. It was the hot spot of fashion for most of our young tween selves, and all us definitely have an outfit or two we can vividly remember (like a suede jacket). Whether it be a top with matching cargo pants, or an unnecessarily colorful sundress, here are a few things all of us can remember about Limited Too!

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